8 Great Reasons to Get off the Couch



I am what many would call a “has-been.” My best physical years happened a long time ago as I spent it on sports, alcohol, and junk food. Now my “sport” is stretching, jump rope, and a beautiful walk with a beautiful woman through the park. “Back in the day” however, it was football then basketball then baseball all through high school, then small-college football for 4 years, and then about nothing else. I guess you could say I always had another season to get ready for. But not anymore, sort of.


So, maybe the habit of taking care of my body got developed in me then so now it’s my aim to continue even in my middle-age. That habit has probably helped me stay reasonably fit, along with having 5 kids to play all those sports with once they learned how to crawl. So, all that helped keep my weight down to where it was my freshmen year in college. To play with a child or grandchildren someday, has always been near the top of my to-do list and will probably never leave that rank.


“Do you have any aches and pains?”

Now, I struggle with a sore lower back and neck that visits like the ghost of Christmas pasts, and it occasionally haunts me from the “glory days” that actually didn’t have much glory. Between that and some elevated blood pressure, I have several reasons to keep moving at this stage of my life, and here I want to encourage you all to do the same. Connecting this blog to an earlier one you could place this in the category of loving yourself enough to take care of yourself. You are now the only coach you have. So, I now present, in no critical order, my “8 Great Reasons to Get off the Couch”, or keep moving, wherever you may be in life.

“Why would I want to be fit?”


  1. Romans 12:1. I really believe that taking care of ourselves is a part of what Paul is describing when he says, “present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God…” We are all called to be good stewards of all that our Loving Father has loaned us in this age. Let us be busy doing the “good works assigned” so that we may be found faithful with our time, talents, and treasure until that Day.
  2. With moderate exercise endorphins are released from the brain to give you a feeling of well-being or “euphoria.” A natural pain-killer to the central nervous system.
  3. Muscle atrophy occurs after a period of inactivity where mass shrinking occurs.
  4. To be ready. A flat tire, grandchildren coming over, or whatever the spontaneous activity is that is always on the horizon. Those are just a couple of reasons to have your circulatory system ready to go so you can be ready.
  5. If you choose aerobic exercise and take the heart to about 100-120 bpm a couple times a week, it will strengthen that heart.
  6. According to the Social Security Administration, if a man makes it to 65 years of age, he will also make it, on the average, to 84. If he makes it to 75, then he will probably make it to 87. A woman making it to 65 will probably make it to 86. My point here is to remind you all of the obvious, that putting in the work now will add years to your lives.
  7. Even light exercise helps the overall body composition, where men need to stay in the 12 to 18% body-fat range, while women need to be in the 18 to 24% range. The heart is the happiest in this range and circulatory system operates the most efficiently.
  8. Moderate exercise on a regular basis increases white blood cell count in the bloodstream, therefore improving the immune system.


I hope something in this was helpful to you, and I pray that you choose to go through a little pain now in some way to reduce that probability of a lot of pain later in life.

Thanks for reading.





2 thoughts on “8 Great Reasons to Get off the Couch

  1. Okay, you have motivated me to get out of my recliner! Seriously, I love y’alls blog!


    1. great. and what about that husband? 🙂 does he get a chance to read?


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