Keys to Success


Being successful means different things to different people. Everybody has a slightly different “why” that is in front of them, or planted in their heart. If you are in sales or multilevel marketing or swimming in the entrepreneur stream, I have a few ideas that I’m borrowing from some very “successful” people that I hope you can glean from.

“You don’t score on 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  Wayne Gretzky

These are just a few of the individuals/couples that have something figured out in the business world, or about people in general, or maybe just about themselves. And probably all the above.

“Sharing my story in an authentic and vulnerable way while being a resource for others.”  Marcella Vonn Harting

Before I get to these successful people, I want to fill you in of why I’m even interested in what they have to say. Simply put, they have done what I want to do. After 20+ years of teaching math in the public, private, and junior college arenas, I have left most of all that behind me and come home to work. Gina and I have a relationship centered business that we can do from the home where we can be our own boss.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”   Abraham Lincoln

Why? Lots of little reasons probably, but the big reasons would include being able to help and love anyone we meet. We’re doing health and wellness now, and that topic involves the entire human race. That fact allows us to potentially encourage anyone we might meet to have a better life. Another one would be for Gina and I to be able to give like our Loving Father has done countless times in history. To be able to make life better for whoever He places in front of us is thrilling to both of us at many levels, and we truly look forward to doing that more and more.


“Well done is much better than well said.”    Benjamin Franklin

For the sake of your time and my space I have read their brief bios for you and have summarized a few common, very strong, threads that seem to be holding their businesses together, and maybe these insights into who they are and how they did it might help your efforts too.

“Be diligent and never quit.”  Debra Raybern

I have to begin with descriptions of them like “giving” and “serving others” and “encouraging to their peers.” Every one of them seems to be driven by a deep desire to connect to their peers in any way they can. They meet with their peers, celebrate every little/big piece of success they know about, and simply make greats efforts to try and catch someone doing something good. And then celebrate each one.

“Keep it simple and speak from the heart.”  Gregg & Carol Johnson

All of these people have a trust in their product, of course, and generally agree with the overall vision of the company. All seem to be family driven either biological or adopted, knowing full well that finding lifelong friends is critical for their definitions of success.

“We share our experience and teach others how to achieve well-being.”  Max & Karen Hopkins

Over time with many “unsuccessful” attempts to find their talents and narrow their scope of what they do best, they have evolved their business into the proverbial labor of love. Admitting their weaknesses when found, and either making that chunk of coal into a diamond with much work or going in another direction is all part of their unwritten story.

“Adopt a system-driven philosophy and your business can grow without you.”  Michael & Connie McDaniel

Personal growth is the phrase I’m speaking of. Finding out who you are and who you aren’t seems to be critical for all to find your groove in your business/calling that helps you define your “success” story. Lots of courage, with resolve, allowed them all to keep moving toward their defined purpose.


“Above all else, show people that you care.”   Frances Fuller

Now, after many attempts and appointments and phone calls and not-so-many years, I wanted to show you in this post the results of all of those things they did for their business and themselves. Where has all this effort led them? What can they do in their lives now after seemingly “arriving”?

“Passion, desire, and energy, combined with the empowerment of our team helps all of us to become leaders in our own right.”  Brenda & Scott Schuler

In a word, it’s freedom. Freedom to give to charities of their choice, or ministries that are important to them, or non-profit groups that they wanted to start. Freedom to buy a house in Cuba for their church’s mission trips. Freedom to not make any appointments in their day until the afternoon.

“When you find your sweet spot, success is easy.”   Monique McLean

These people have spent themselves for years to get where they wanted to go, and are now still spending themselves on people. Paying success forward, as they say, is what they’ve filled their lives with. They love helping people with different health concerns, or sometimes giving to friends or family members financially to help get over a speed bump, or even rejoicing with their peers while reconciliation happens with certain family members. Quoting one of them as they try to describe their life now and the freedom that they are experiencing, “Eventually, you have enough shoes in your closet.”

“True success requires integrity, honesty, and hard work. I aspire to be the best that I can be every day.”  Vicki Opher




So, what is your “why”? Really. And is yours big enough and set deep enough in your heart to carry you through the low times and the slow times and the lonely times? You will have those times. If you could sit down with every one of these “successful” people, you would hear about the season that made them second guess many things in their quest.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”  John D. Rockefeller

Everybody can have a “why,” but most don’t even get close to the success that they’ve dream of because of not thinking big enough. Make sure your why is big and deep and fits who you are. Examine what’s important to you, and why you’re even alive. And have fun being the “you” that you were meant to be. Successful.

Thanks for reading.


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