Hi, we are Calvin and Gina,  a middle-aged newlywed couple living in our mid western empty-nest.  A few years ago we met on Christian Mingle, fell in love and were married eight months later.  Between the two of us we have an adult blended tribe of twelve, plus one precious granddaughter.  Now, we are abundantly living, loving, and creating a community of like-minded, health focused individuals who are seeking wellness and entrepreneurship.  Our essentials of life is our billboard to who we are and the natural path we are taking together.  As we travel this road, these seven essentials represent our pit stops of life.

  • Faith
  • Health
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Calling
  • Community
  • Fun

Join us and jump in our Mini Cooper as we take this trip!  Don’t hesitate because there is not much room.


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