Essential Oils

Welcome to the wonderful world of Essential Oils!  We use Young Living Essential Oils for everything in our home; diffusing, applying, dietary, cooking and cleaning! The benefits are almost endless. I, Gina have been using Young Living Essential Oils for over seven years and honestly can not imagine my life without them.  I truly reach for an essential oil a few times a day for whatever we need physically, emotionally, mentally and/ or spiritually!  They cover all areas of the spectrum whether we are diffusing, cooking or for our body.  We just had to share this other good news with you.


Essential Oils 101

  • “What are Essential Oils?”
  • “Where do we get them?”
  • “How do we use them?”

“An essential oil is a volatile substance derived from a plant that contains the natural smell and characteristics of the plant.”

“Each essential oil can contain hundreds of different chemical compounds.”

“Essential oils are highly concentrated and are more powerful then dried herbs.”


“Essential oils are distilled from botanicals such as flowers, shrubs, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds.”

“Distillation techniques carefully maintain low pressure and low temperature to preserve the fragile constituents of the essential oil.”  We only trust Young Living Essential Oil’s Seed to Seal guarantee with our family and home. They are the leader and pioneer in the essential oil industry.  We can only recommend essential oils from Young Living!


Three main uses for essential oils:

First, read the label of your Young Living Essential Oil to determine it’s usage.

  • Aromatic:  Inhale aroma directly from the bottle or diffuse.
  • Topical:  Apply directly to the skin often with a carrier oil such almond or coconut oil.
  • Dietary:  Use 1-2 drops; mix with liquids, place in capsule to take internally or under the tongue and use in cooking.

If you would like to read more about Young Living Essential Oils and see all the amazing  oil infused supplements as well as toxin-free products for your home, go to our other website.


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